Trey Songz Accused Of Hitting Woman In The Face At Weekend Party

Rapper Trey Songz has been accused of hitting a woman in the face during a party on Saturday night.
According to, the woman filed a police report following the Hollywood Hills party in which she alleged that Trey got upset because she was talking to another man during the evening.
She claims that as the pair were arguing, Songz hit her, and she then left to go to the hospital to get her minor injuries treated. She is said to have spoken to police shorty afterward.
The website reports that the case will now be reviewed by the Los Angeles City Attorney, to determine whether any charges will be brought against the musician.
Representatives for Songz didn’t respond to TMZ’s requests for comment.
These new claims come after an unnamed Philadelphia woman accused the Na Na star of attacking her at a strip club in December.
The woman alleged she bought tickets to meet Trey in the VIP area at the city’s Vanity Grand Cabaret, but he was disrespectful – and when she tried to take a picture of him outside in the parking lot later, he turned violent.
In documents obtained by TMZ, she claimed he grabbed her cellphone and pushed it into her face, breaking her glasses.
She is suing the singer and the venue for up to $50,000 , claiming managers knew Trey had a tendency “toward violence and negative interaction with the public”.